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Todd McVey

Todd spent many years at some of the top advertising agencies around the country where as a Creative Director/Art Director he developed award-winning campaigns for a variety of clients, Subaru Automobiles, Citizen Watches and Sea Doo Watercraft to name a few. During that time, he collaborated with many talented photographers and was always curious and engaged in the process of making images – always asking, why are you doing this, what's that for, and what if we tried this? Joking around, sometimes photographers would say to him, no more questions, while at the same time producing a roll of gaffers tape to get the point across.

After years of photo shoots and tons of questions, Todd decided to follow his inner voice and become a photographer himself. As he said, “It was time to make the jump. From an early age, I've always wanted to take pictures. It was time to follow my true passion.”

Todd’s experience in advertising has been a great foundation for his photography. His appreciation for concepts and stories comes through in his work. His mission

is to engage people with his images - to stop them and give them the freedom to daydream, wonder or smile.

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