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Tiffany Bennett

Tiffany was raised in the warm climates of Southern California, enjoying the farmland, beaches, and bright skies. With both parents being skilled in multiple areas, including: singing, various sports, dancing, and making up jokes, Tiffany had a great childhood which would prepare her for the entertainment business that would find her at the

age of 15.



Although being told time after time by family friends, church members, and school friends that she should take up modeling, due to her height, build, and ability to walk in heels, Tiffany did not think it was for her. She remembered the first time she met a talent agent, she was only four years old; in a secluded room, there was the talent rep,

Tiffany’s mother, and little shy Tiffany. The Talent recruiter wanted Tiffany to convince him to buy an imaginary Barbie doll… But Tiffany was too shy and did not understand completely, so she did not say a word… That was the end of that!



It would be in high school where her best friend, Jennifer Harris-Lesh, nagged Tiffany to join her for a model camp that Jennifer’s mom had found out about. Tiffany said no- multiple times… But Jennifer was convincing. So Tiffany did the model camp!



After learning about how photography works, and the basics about modeling and posing, Tiffany found this was much too fun to pass up, and fell in love with the industry! Acting became part of her resume as she got experience in LA. Later, singing and dancing were found to be other skills she could sharpen for her career! She built a strong portfolio and resume that would only grow as time passed- exercising these four skills! Modeling, acting, singing, and dancing all gave Tiffany great joy to do!



At the age 18, recently graduating high school, Tiffany moved to the Big Apple! NYC kept her quite busy with various gigs- from singing to strangers, to walking the runway in fashion week!



This industry continues to surprise and more than entertain Tiffany. Her family loves hearing about what interesting stories she has to tell, and her friends root her on as she unremittingly is working to achieve her goals in the entertainment industry!



As Tiffany’s friends know, her favorite quote is, “If you make your career something you

love, you’ll never ‘work’ a day of your life”.

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