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Tiffani LeBlanc

A natural born star, Tiffani LeBlanc boasts the confidence of a woman who has always known just what she wants. When just three years old, she would walk around in her mother’s heels singing everything from R&B and hip hop to pop to classic rock. In the early 2000s, she began making her voice heard performing at an array of events, including musical theater competitions and opera shows. In 2010, she won the critic’s choice award in the Florida State Thespian festival. Tiffani LeBlanc, as an independent artist will capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the globe through the production and promotion of high quality entertainment. The artist will become highly profitable through streaming services, live performances, and licensing. 

When recording artist Tiffani LeBlanc dropped her first single, “Kinda High” in 2017, music fans and industry elites took notice of not only her soaring vocals, but her dramatic sense for fashion and style. “Kinda High” captivated legendary super producer, Jerry Wonda, owner of Platinum Sound Studios in Times Square. Wonda would divide his time touring as a bassist and musical director of The Fugees. Their album the score become one of the best-selling hip hop albums of all time gaining worldwide recognition. A large variety of his projects have surpassed the “Platinum” (1,000,000) sales level. He earned additional industry recognition through his 15 Grammy nominations and three Grammy Awards. Known for his ability to fine tune the success of artists, he has a lengthy discography of hits he produced for legendary artists such as Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blidge, Destiny’s Child, P. Diddy, Mick Jagger, Melissa Etheridge, Whitney Houston, Sheryl Crow, Tom Jones, John Legend and many more. Wonda’s production and music composition’s have influenced the entire world. In many cases, working with Wonda has given artists their first break-through record. Such as Shakira’s rise to global stardom following their collaboration of “hips don’t lie”, selling 250,000,000 records, making it the number one selling song of the 21st century. 

Wonda Music Inc partners, Murk Da Mic Productions, are Tiffani LeBlanc’s in house production team and guidance on a day to day basis. Murk Da Mic Productions, A&R and management maintains affiliations in the music industry through integrity and clean business. They captivated the music industry producing a vast array of vibes that exceed industry expectations. By surpassing the requirements of quality they provide to major and independent labels and consumers alike. 

The new artist continues to gain heat as she drops her latest track, “Let’s Party” a feel- good anthem for fun times. “Let’s Party” is Tiffani LeBlanc’s first major release since landing an exclusive recording and production contract with Wonda Music Inc. The song was produced in part by Murk Da Mic Productions and Jerry Wonda. “Let’s Party” topped the “Digital Radio Tracker” charts. It peaked at number 38 on “DRT Global Top 200 Airplay”, claimed the number two slot for two consecutive weeks on “DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay”, and had consistent placements on “DRT Global Top 50 Pop Airplay” and the “DRT Global Top 50 R&B/ Hip-Hop Airplay” charts. 

“Let’s Party” has been added to Top 40 Billboard reporting playlists on stations across the country in markets such as San Diego, Chicago, Palm Beach, Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta and more. The upbeat pop tune positions the young songstress as a #PartyPrincess whose reign has just begun.


Video file link:  Tiffani LeBlanc - Let's Party


Let's Party (Prod By. Murk Da Mic & JerrTiffani LeBlanc
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Tiffani LeBlanc - Kinda High (Prod By. MTiffani LeBlanc
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