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Shock rapper Off Color & lyricist Witty Wolf have teamed up to form the amazing rap duo, "The Renters". With their first release "Rainy Visions" hitting over 22k plays within the first 12 days, we all can not wait to see what they have in store for us next!


Off Color born and raised in Newark, NJ has some big shoes to fill, following local hometown heroes such as Redman and The Fugees.  With his unique "off color" lyrical content, word play, and odd voice we are confident that you will not be disappointing when "bumping his tracks.

First off this kids female following on social media is that of a true legend. Combined with his "Witty" lyrical content, he is definitely an up and coming artist to look out for.  Witty Wolf comes from a small NJ suburb right outside Manhattan.  Drawing influence from an eclectic catalogue of artists his music is undeniably refreshing.

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