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    Team ICY NYC holds its headquarters New York, NY United States. This event planning company provides a full range of services including catering services, event planning, consulting, design, logistics, venue scout, entertainment, weddings, corporate events, private events/parties etc.


We take pride in our work, therefore, with our years of experience, qualified staff, excellent coordination and planning skills, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction when you allow us to take charge of every detail. We hope to be able to service you, when 

we do, we will make sure that in that special day you and your guests can enjoy a grand event leaving with nothing to do except enjoy yourself, we'll take care of the rest.




    Irene Chin is an accomplished Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor accounting professional, Notary Public, underground dancer in the club scene, promoter, public relations and actor in New York City with a degree in Bachelors of Science from University of Phoenix majored in Business Management and Accounting.  She has been in the club scene since she was 15 years old from Limelight, Palladium and at every launch of restaurants, liquor and new products.  So who is Irene Chin?  Her colleagues, friends and family would say she is just one of a kind….. the one that lifts your spirits up when you are not having a good day, cracks dry humor feisty jokes and a human being that is not only intellectual, but truly a genuine heart.  She tells it like it is with facts, figures, and theories behind it.   As a native New Yorker from Chinatown she runs around New York City everywhere from rectifying accounting at companies to the nightlife partying.  Irene Chin is beloved some even call her the underground Mayor of New York City. @jucysecret



    In today’s society one can say it is hard to find individuals who are moved by taking chances. One may feel taking chances is a complete ludicrous decision.  Angel Flores challenges that mentality and takes the chances necessary to learn and better himself in everything he does. Young and ambitious with only 22 years of age Angel has managed to live in three different cities being Orlando, Miami Beach, and currently residing in East Hampton, NY. Searching for opportunity and hungry for success this young individual is the prime example of true dedication. Currently working in the Hospitality field Angel has a broad background from Human Resources to Staff Management and even Spa Management. A well accomplished young man maneuvering his way through New York City on his days off meeting all kinds of crowds in the underground nightlife..



There are beautiful Latina girls all over New York City. When you run into one, with just as much beauty as brains. Things get real, real quick. Stephany Rosa brings a strategic influence like nuclear power to the table. As a former professional Cheerleader turned global pharmaceutical Account Executive. Her ability to maneuver through any dynamic environment is galvanizing. In 2005 she was featured in American Cheerleader magazine for being "super girl". Now in 2016 she is "slaying"! You can catch her in Manhattan attending various industry events expanding her network. Meeting the people you want to know and dancing to the music you want to hear. Stephany Rosa has consulted and offered her management services to professionals in the music industry and all the way into the political realm. Team work is good work, and she knows it. She is a hidden gem, follow her @IamStephanyRosa.

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