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Beyond Integrity - Getting It Done Right


If you’re considering buying or selling a place in New York, there are many factors to consider.


Choosing the right real estate professional to assist you is one of the most important choices you’ll make and you’re best served by selecting that someone early on in your process.


If you’re like most buyers, you begin your search perusing listings online through one of the many web portals.  You enter in some search criteria and based on location and price, begin clicking your way through listings.  If they seem interesting, you might contact the listing agent with questions or arrange to go see the place at an Open House. 


To find a representative, Sellers may make some calls based on referrals from friends or relatives or in response to some marketing an agent has done.


This approach can be a bit like throwing darts in the dark, after drinking a few beers.  You may hit the target, but chances are it’s going to take a lot longer than necessary and it could get a bit messy.  There may be some blood involved.


Another option would be to call a seasoned professional, like me, who can take your search beyond clicks on a screen or just hiring Aunt Sally’s neighbor because they “seemed nice.”


Here’s the deal.  I’ve been working in the business of property for 25 years, from working as an agent to owning my own company and as a result I’m here to provide you with information and assistance that is going to save you much time and frustration.


Steven Kopstein, Owner

SKNY Real Estate



Over the years I’ve learned so much and I am happy to share my knowledge with you.  Starting with a baseline of integrity is really important, and I like to believe, more and more common.  Yes, I’m an optimist.  Lately, however, I’ve realized that a successful transaction needs to move beyond integrity.  In other words, while integrity is essential, it’s not enough.


New York is a tough town.  And that’s why I like it.  Anywhere else you could stop at integrity.  In New York, to be successful, you need commitment, you need perseverance and you need smarts.


As a native, I’ve honed these skills to a fine point and I’m continuously seeking ways to improve.


Here’s what I’ve learned and how you can benefit.


Relationships matter.  As a result of working hard for many years, I’ve developed important, valuable relationships with other property pros.  This includes other brokers, attorneys, lenders as well as movers, house-cleaners, inspectors, photographers, renovators, stagers, etc.  My reputation is the key that unlocks doors.  Recently, we won a competitive bid for a client, not because of the price, but because of relationships I had developed and nurtured.  Your win = getting the best shot at an apartment when there are competing bids.  Your win = getting the best possible representation in the marketplace/more showings.


Knowledge matters.  I don’t know it all.  But I do know a lot about how the market works.  I’ve been able to successfully, repeatedly market properties for my sellers in a way that gets them the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.  How?  By using years of experience to assist us in a collaborative pricing process.  For buyers, I’m an information insomniac. I’m constantly researching neighborhoods, developments, buildings and communities so you know what you’re buying and can have complete comfort in your purchase.


A Holistic Approach - I know, it’s not a word you hear often in Real Estate Ads, right?  My approach is unique because it’s a big picture approach.  Our meeting will be fun - it will be lively, we will laugh.  Guaranteed.  Why?  Because I want to know your overall story.  Behind every move is a great story.  Even if someone is buying for investment, there’s a story to be told.  How did you come to this decision and where do you see yourself down the road?  What is the highest and best possible outcome for you in this interaction?  My highest and best goal is to have you attain your goals.  In life and in real estate.  Yoga and meditation are 2 practices that guide me.  In life and in real estate.  The transaction is not what’s most important.  YOU are what’s most important.  How can I be of service? 


The most exciting realization I’ve had in my work is the day I stopped caring about “the deal” per se and started caring about the overall outcome for my clients.  My business soared and I haven’t looked back.  We might not actually transact.  It makes no difference. We are going to get to interact and I am being given the honor of helping you through what can be a very challenging process.  I’m here for you.


For these things, I thank you and look forward to hearing from you.





















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