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Stephen GC is an indie singer/songwriter who performs on guitar and vocals. In addition to performing, Stephen places songs into film and tv or with other artists. Stephen previously played in soul, R&B and classic rock cover bands for 10 years in the St. Louis and Columbia Missouri areas. His first instrument was saxophone. He then moved to bass, then guitar. Originally from St. Louis,Stephen also played in Seattle for 2 years with the band Osiris. Recently, Stephen lived 8 years in Los Angeles, 3 years in New York City and is now splitting time between the two. He continues to perform locally and is marketing his music for song placements in TV, film and theatre. Placements include “The Bad Girls Club” and “Best Ink”.


Stephen’s influences include strong melodic and rock groups, including The Beatles, Steve Winwood, Donovan and Andrew Lloyd Weber through Bruno Mars and his team.

Avant-garde influences include Frank Zappa, Stravinsky, Jocelyn Pook and a parade of indie bands.



Stephen’s CD, "Crystal-Studded Sky" features an upbeat retro sound with pleasant 3-part harmonies. It includes such California-influenced songs such as “Crystal Studded Sky”, “Walking on Big Sur”, “Always Be Young” and “Unless It’s Me”. It also includes poetic and reflective songs such as “Art Creating Art”, “Feels Like Home” “No One Seems to Have All Things”, and “Paradise”, the playful “Liquid Kansas” the rock “For the Credits” and cosmic “Pearls on Two Strings”.    


Stephen continues to release single songs for streaming and download distributed through iTunes, Reverb Nation, CD Baby and other outlets. Included in this later group are such edgy songs as “Thought Crime”, an eerie warning against the lack of internet privacy, and “Stop”, concerning addiction, “Jealous of Love”, about that yearning we all feel, and “Don’t Like Playing God” about decisions at life’s end.



Stephen has also written “on spec”. Such works included “Ten”- for 10 songs in an emerging play by Cindy Marie Jenkins, and “Mystery” - a commercial placement.


Stephen is the Coordinator for SongNet Showcase where songwriters perform songs monthly. Led by Jimi Yamagishi, the SongNet meets at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, CA. Stephen is also a member of the former Songwriters Co-op and Songsalive! He attendeds a number of music conferences including the TAXI Road Rally, the ASCAP “I Create Music” Convention and the Durango Songwriters Expo, TBAIMS (New York). Stephen’s background also includes working with, a former song contest and  current band development site, and several years in technical fields including biochemistry and web design. A unique perspective!

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