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 was born  in Brooklyn, New York on Januwary 13th, 1971. I didn't have the easiest upbringing but I always had this one dream that got me through everything that happened in my life. My dream is to be an actor. I recently traveled to California to  film Green Fairy which comes out in 2016.


I played a mafia bodyguard inBrooklyn Gangster which can be purchased at I have played roles in other movies such as, The Right to Live (Bartender), Case as Midnight (News Cameraman),Tears of Steel (Retired Boxer),Stories from Astoria (Head Gangster). I also played a role in the series Third Watch as a chauffeur for Bosco.



I am currently working on an upcoming role on the Grammy hit series A Crime to Remember. I will be playing a Chicago police officer from the 1960's. 



While pursuing my acting career, I also have a full-time job which helps me pay the bills until the time comes when my dreams have come true.


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