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Growing up in a suburb just north of Atlanta, Georgia, Sage was introduced to a love of music from an early age, where she ultimately found herself enamored with pop and its ability to encompass a variety of styles. Though Sage took vocal lessons as a kid, she considers herself a writer first and foremost and would not truly dive into the world of music creation until later on in life. Now, with years of writing experience under her belt, Sage immerses the listener in a universe entirely of her own. Imaginative lyrics that bring new meaning to forgotten feelings serve at the forefront of her purpose to stir up emotion. Inspired by all things other-worldly, the sky is the limit and Sage does not hold back. Playful, mysterious, and brutally honest, Sage’s music brings you to another realm, a wonderland of sorts that can be just as inviting as it is unforgiving.

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