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Ryan Shemen

Ryan Shemen is the founder and CEO of event production company Success
with Teamwork and global marketing agency Online Media Success.
Success with Teamwork, based in New York City, specializes in
organizing promotional functions for a diversified group of companies
and individuals including major television networks and technology
companies such as HBO, Cinemax, Microsoft, and Sony. In addition to
event planning services, the Success With Teamwork team provides an
extensive range of promotion and production opportunities based upon
budget and number of attendees.

About the CEO: With the help of his professional event team, Ryan has
successfully coordinated and executed thousands of events in his
lifetime ranging from corporate charity functions to outdoor concerts.
While he started his career working in sales and marketing, Ryan
eventually decided to pursue his passion for event planning and launch
Success with Teamwork. Since then, the company has developed from a
local NYC agency into a global company that works with hundreds of
venues and entertainers worldwide. has upcoming projects with artists such as
Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and DJ Khaled as well as events with Barclay
Center, Showtime Network, business expos and many more!
SuccessWithTeamwork is also a proud sponsor of CodeNYC in an effort to
help unite folks from all over the world, which is one of the
company's founding principles. "Bringing brands to life and connecting
businesses in real time is what keeps clients coming back to help them
with their functions," says CEO Ryan.

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