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Paul Prince

Paul Prince

Brooklyn Born, raised and based photographer Paul Prince has been capturing beautiful people and events for past decade, A self-taught photographer and digital artist Paul Prince started as a nightlife and street photography. His incredible ability to engage with his subjects allowed to become one of New York City’s premier nightlife and party Photographers. Mr Prince’s amazing photos have graced many covers of magazines throughout the world; while his photo journalistic style has told the stories of countless beautiful events.  He clearly focuses on love and beauty in all of his subjects.

Paul believes in giving back by volunteering with multiple charities as well as teaching under-privileged youth about photography.

He is a passionate content creator and enjoys working with many Social Media Influencers on their campaigns.


Paul Prince also has an amazing love and appreciation of animals especially his Golden Doodle BeBe who is his muse.

“So many photos to take only one Paul Prince”

Myles Chad.

“I don’t know how but somehow, some way Paul Prince always manages to get the best photos of me..”

Dr. Lisa G.

“Anyone can snap my picture; but being captured by Paul Prince is a real Experience.”

Jonathan C.

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