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Paul Turbyne Salandy is a Brooklyn native, visionary and self driven creative individual that believes in creating and manifesting art in whatever craft you choose to create. Originally born and raised in Trinidad until his teen years when he moved to NYC. His dance journey however began in Brooklyn NY and his craft is a combination of his experiences, ideas, thoughts, struggles and stories. His expressive style utilizes Krump amongst other dance styles such as Popping, Flex and Hip Hop as he blends them together to tell his message to the audience. Inspired by everyday occurrences, daily challenges and simple ideas, he hopes to create and inspire for others as he expresses his crafts.

His Krump journey began in 2009-2010 after watching battles and the movie Rize. Inspired by both Brooklyn & LA Krumpers and joining the group 'EO Squad', he set off to travel with his craft and gain deeper knowledge of the culture. It gave him the tools to be able to express struggles, pain and daily life experiences in a positive light. He was used to a past of negative obstacles in the streets and Krump helped lead away from keeping going down that path.

In 2014, he created OverSoul Media Group, a multi-creative services management and production company to help create a platform for those inspirational and hardworking artists out there fighting for their passion and craft to gain a voice equally.

Paul "TurByne" Salandy

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