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 Oscar Modeling Agency is a Non-Exclusive Modeling Agency with several model divisions. The agency was named after founder Jael Lloyd's great grandpa Oscar Lloyd who not only was a actor and singer on Broadway but later owned a theatrical agency in New York for 25 years. Following in his foot steps, Jael decided to keep the name alive as its not only her great grandpa's name its also her grandpa's name, fathers middle name & younger brothers middle name. Our boutique agency specializes in being 
simple, easy, and affordable while providing brilliant and beautiful models within client rates!  

-Jael Lloyd followed in her great grandpa Oscar Lloyd's footsteps of being a agent in New York. She was scouted in Hawaii at age 12 and has been modeling ever since! She truly connects with everyone in front and behind the cameras and enjoys making sure both models and clients have a excellent and enjoyable working experience!

- Jody Corinne Kuske is a former model that later went into the beauty industry. Being a hair and makeup artist she thrived in the entertainment industry, and later felt she truly found her calling being a agent! A fast talker with a huge heart, she makes everyone feel like family!

 - Madison Mackenzie is a Southern California native & former shoe model. With a Bachelor’s Degree and a breadth of experience working in Entertainment Industry she enjoys providing clients and models the best and friendliest services!

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