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Noel Ashman

Noel Ashman (of clubs like Veruka and Plumm) and Michael Bregman (son of the film producer Martin Bregman)

have become partners with well-known investors, including

the morning TV host Michael Strahan, the actor Luis Guzmán, the performer Simon Rex and the party photographer Patrick McMullan. Membership cards granting admission were handed out to a few hundred of their friends, creating a cool, low-key insider vibe.

The Place The Leonora is on West 29th Street, near the new High Line extension, on what used to be a dull block of garages and tenements, but is now transforming into a luxury row. Though the club has an unmarked red door, it’s

hard to miss the hefty bouncer. Inside is a cozy, column-free space with exposed brick walls. Bottleservice

banquettes line the room, each lit by a single candle, giving

it the sense of a private party.


Noel Ashman is a New York City nightclub entrepreneur, real estate with acting credits of his own. Noel Ashman was born in Manhattan in 1970, he graduated from Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in 1989. It was during his high school years the Noel began his interest in and development of nightlife promotion and management. At 13 Noel threw his first all ages party to great effect and fromthat point forward Noel has been responsible for all sorts of fabulous evening adventures. He has been involved in the organization of events at such legendary locals as The Tunnel, Nell’s, Tatou, Club USA, Maxim’s, The Roxy, Expo, Conscious Point, Palladium, M.K., Rouge, Crane Club, Red Zone, Danceteria, Conscience Point, & Amazon in the Hamptons.

Ashman was also the director of the club Life. Ashman has worked with major corporate brands such as Range Rover, Jaguar and Sephora, among others. While at Boston University, Ashman used to travel to NYC on the weekends in order to manage these events. In 1993 Ashman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Economics, at which point he was well poised to start his career in club ownership. He decided to open his first club in 1997, Veruka (named after the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character of the same name), quickly gained notoriety for its strict door policy and celebrity clientele. Veruka was open from January 1997 to June 2004. It was one of the first clubs to have bottle service, an innovation in nightclub management largely credited to Ashman. During the years that Veruka attracted celebrity regulars such as Michael Jordan, Mick Jagger, Derek Jeter, Steven Spielberg, Prince, Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Colin Ferrell, Goldie Hawn, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Strahan, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan,

Kid Rock, Jared Leto, Russell Simmons and Heather Graham, 

Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Cuba Gooding Jr, Nicolas Cage, Debbie Harry, Dennis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Further, it was a consistent hangout for The New York Yankees. Immediately after Veruka, he briefly owned Studio 54. Thereafter he bought the old Nell’s space along with partners Chris Noth, Samantha Ronson, Damon Dash, and Jesse Bradford among others. He ran NA and The Plumm at 246 West 14th Street from 2004 to 2009.

Additionally Ashman has production credits on several films as well as a smattering of acting credits. He is the co-owner of the production company Co-op. He was the associate producer for “Speedway Junky”, which starred Jesse Bradford and Daryl Hannah. He was the co-producer on “The Atrocity Exhibition”, co-written by J.B. Ballard. He was also a coproducer for “Never Again” which Eric Schaeffer wrote and directed and was an executive producer for Mind the Gap (2004 film). His production credits extend beyond Hollywood as he co-produced the off Broadway play “The Dog Problem”

by David Rabe. Mr. Ashman’s acting credit include “Mind the Gap” and “Never Again”. Noel received special production credits for “The Guitar”, “Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power” and “Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope”. He was regular contributor to VH1 and was on the VH1 show “My Coolest Years”. Ashman was also featured in Anthony Bourdain’s

best selling Kitchen Confidential.

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