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NK is a recognizable solo PUNK/ GLAM / ROCK, bi-lingual artist from New Jersey… You may recognize her single "Party of the Year," and face from MTV's Paris Hilton's Reality show or American Apparel. She has played venues all over the country with many 80s icons like Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, KIX, Bang Tango, and LA GUNS and been part of Rock N Roll festivals like ROCKLOHOMA. Electro, dance, glam, sleaze, classic rock and new wave have all greatly influenced her music and vocal style. Bands like Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Motley Crue, and Depeche Mode are her inspirations. Natasha Komis's pop rock EP can be found on iTunes and other online distributors worldwide. 


Various fashion designer's and photographer's want the musician's edgy look in their campaigns to exploit her high fashion Rock N Roll style. As American Apparel's hottest campaign item, she ranged in roles from Page 6, catalog, life-size & giant billboards, to storefronts. These ads have made her a recognizable face amongst the line. Komis has been featured on 20/20, Tyra Banks show and as a guest on many other radio and TV shows. Guitar World, Vogue, Complex, and Vice magazine are just a few to name her editorial spreads, write-ups and covers. Her cartoon image is even available as a tattoo!! Known for her wild hair, her wardrobe will ALSO wow you!!! Lots of leather, spandex and makeup!!!

NK is an advocate/producer and writer of her "Save Art & Music," campaign, which is a project that dedicates itself to benefit saving art and music programs in local public schools. NY public access interviewed and aired the "Edge of America," music video/ PSA which is also found online on youtube.  

NK fans have been garnered through her controversial style, attitude, photographs, videos and MUSIC. Kids all over the world write emails requesting MORE!!! And quote their reason for loving Natasha, as being a Neo-ROCKSTAR with a mission to preserve classic rock sound. With an affinity to shock, you will catch Komis attending red carpet events, touring music, and leading many other Rock N Roll cover and side-projects. NEVER knowing what will happen next!!! It is no shock that anywhere she attends or anything she is involved with, people GRAVITATE.

With her latest single release, "Glam Rox," a song produced and written by Natasha Komis, she plans on rejuvenating the sound of arena rock. "My idea was always to merge the best of the future sound with the structure and feeling of the classic. This production including the video, took 4 years, I culminated the talent until the symphony I heard in my head was recorded...

Most recently NK hit headlines on the popular music magazine, The Aquarian, as New Jersey's lead rocking female!!!!

With another single on the way for 2016...  stay tuned!

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