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My full name is Nicole Marie Dennis, but I go by Nikki and everyone who knows me calls me Nikki Rockstar, (cuz I rock!)  I'm 33 years old born on December , 1982 in Dover, NH and lived there for 2 weeks and then moved to West Islip, NY where I lived until I was 8 before my parents decided to drive across country and move to Mesa, Az.


I am a total animal lover! I love animals more then people most of the time LOL so I started horseback riding soon after movng there and went on to professionally compete in pole vaulting and barrel racing competitions until 14.  I was modeling and acting since I was about 5, tv commercials, ads/print and at the ripe old age of 12 I discovered The Rocky Horror Picture Showand every friday night down on Mill Ave. I would go to the midnight showing. 


One night the actress who portrayed Columbia came to me and asked me to do her makeup she had seen me every week and loved the way I did it.  So there I was at 12 years old every week doing an actresses makeup, thats when I found my love for hair and makeup.  I moved back to NY at 15 after my parents divorce.

I finished out high school and went on to cosmetology school. 


By the time I was 18, I was platform modeling, and also working backstage styling models for huge beauty shows for companies like Paul Mitchell, Farouk,and  Matrix.  I started doing fashion shows and photo shoots by planning my own events for salons I had worked in. 


I started the events to raise money for charities, my nephew passed away at 16 from cancer, and a very close friend died from suicide so I continue my charity events in their names. 


I now am reaching my dreams with my career, I have my own business which is a mobile salon specializing in everything from all in home hair and makeup care to fashion shows, photo shoots, weddings and all events, I work as a creative designer and educator for Rusk and I am modeling and working for my favorite magazine and continuing to further my experience and advance my knowledge. 


"Live every Day like it's your last, live it to the fullest" is the motto I live by and "nothing is impossible, I believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast..." -- Alice in Wonderland--

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