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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY ,Nicholas "Luffy" Porter was influenced by the urban arts at a very young age. Adopting the hip hop era of the 90's  street style, He turned dancing into his own unique form of expression. This was done by mixing different street styles(Krump, hiphop, flex, dancehall) of dance. Nick Aka Luffy has taken his talents to many different spectrums of the light. From gaining clout from street battles he took his talents on stage after gaining notoriety for his unique style. He has performed in various clubs around NYC. Also using his talents to land him in music videos with artist such as "Wxlfman" , "kirk knight", "Joey badass" and more. Also did a commercial for Bose speakers. He is very into evolving his crafts and taking them to the next level. He is multi talented using dance as his main attraction, he is also a rapper and actor/ model.  

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