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Leslie Becker

Debut Single "Slow Burn" currently playing on major market radio
Available on iTunes

From Broadway to Billboard 

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist Leslie Becker, Talks of Her Magical Leap

 from the Stage to the Studio


“If someone would have told me a year ago that I would have a Top40 song on radio today, I never would have believed them,” says Leslie Becker as her debut single “Slow Burn” hits the radio airwaves, already rising up the Hot AC/Top 40 charts.


“Everything that is happening is incredibly exciting and a little bit surreal, but it also feels like it is EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be.” 


Becker, a longtime Broadway baby (Wicked, Bonnie & Clyde, Anything Goes, Amazing Grace and more), took the leap of faith into commercial songwriting about two years ago. In a series of what she calls “divine interventions,” she met producer Joe Vulpis, founder/CEO of AP Music Group and the original producer for Lady Gaga and others.


“From the moment I met Joe Vulpis, I knew deep inside that this man was going to be a huge influencer in my life. I didn’t really know how that would take shape, but during our first meeting, it was so clear to both of us that we were supposed to meet and work creatively together.” 


They began working together, writing mostly country music, and then released her first EP last year with Nashville artists singing her songs. “At that point, I was really just pursuing the songwriting side of commercial music. But when I would sing out at writers’ nights in Nashville, people would compliment me on my voice, and were surprised to hear that I wasn’t pursuing being an artist too, especially since I was a Broadway performer.” says Leslie.


Those comments, combined with Joe’s encouragement, prompted her to start thinking of herself as an artist. Joe suggested that she jump into the Adult Contemporary world which had a broad range of styles, ages and artists, and he was certain Leslie would find a fit there. As luck would have it, she had just written a pop/R&B song to pitch to another artist. But when the artist turned down the song, both Joe and Leslie knew immediately that “Slow Burn” should be her debut single.


“The song just knocked me over,” says Joe. “The songwriting is perfect. It’s so fresh and doesn’t sound like a carbon copy of what’s on the radio right now and even when Leslie cut the scratch vocal for the pitch, I was bowled over by that voice!”


Joe assembled a Grammy Award-winning team of programmers, musicians and mastering engineers to bring it to life. But Leslie still knew she needed some wow factor to break through, and opted to produce a full music video. “Having been a performer all of my life, I knew that I could bring something unique to the table and pull from my theatre experiences and resources to produce an awesome video. I felt it was important to show the music world that I was not just a singer, but also a dancer and an actress and that I had what it takes to be a real player in the music scene.”


That decision proved to be one of most important publicity components of her radio campaign.  With her video positioned advantageously next to Adele’s “Hello” on Vevo throughout her first week on radio, the video gained instant views in her first two days and a flood of new followers on social media. View video here:


In April, she is preparing for two concerts and her star-studded, red carpet Radio Release Party (sponsored by which will land just in time for the release of her second single! “Joe and I are super excited about this new single and feel it is the perfect follow up to Slow Burn.”


Her advice to other artists: “Keep following her dreams. Move forward everyday toward something you want for yourself. And believe with every speck of your being that you are doing EXACTLY what you are supposed to be doing.”


Check back at for updated info on Leslie’s radio progress. Download “Slow Burn” on iTunes. For bookings, radio and press contact

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