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Jomardrick Wilcox "Kiddjupit3r" (born December 22, 1996 In Fort Lauderdale, Florida) is a american rapper and singer .Within his time doing music he has been with a group called Tha Crew . While affiliated with this group they launched 2 mixtapes, 2010 B.E.A.T.S vol. 1 & 2011 B.E.A.T.S vol. 1.5 both produce by Ed Bo1. Both mixtapes took the city by a storm and became a download hit in the area. In 2016 Jupit3r went solo and launch his first solo ep called PROJ3CT X which consisted of 5 songs . The song chillin on the ep became a hit locally and caught the attention of a few clubs that ask him to perform the track live . In 2017 Jupit3r released his 1st mixtape titled BEWARE OF THE BEAST Consisting of 9 tracks and 5 Features.


Jupit3r has been involved in music since he was 6 . He has been greatly influence from some of the best artist to ever grace a microphone in his genre . Such as Pop Icon Michael Jackson,  R&B Singer Usher and Rapper drake . Thanks to jupit3s mother and other positive influences around him. They help him stay true to himself and helped nurtured his music and started helping him create his own style . Right now jupit3r is making the moves to become a SUPERSTAR and planning to take the world by a storm with his music and finally become a ICON!

Touch the sky - JUPIT3R
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Instagram: @Kiddjupit3r

Twitter: @Kiddjupit3r

Facebook: @Kiddjupit3r

Youtube: @Kiddjupit3r

Soundcloud: @Kiddjupit3r

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