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Julius the Mad Thinker

Mi Casa Holiday - AttS Music - Chicago


Julius the Mad Thinker is a dynamic producer and must- see international DJ talent. Since the age of 17, Julius has worn many hats while distinguishing himself in the dance music industry. He is a true visionary with infectious energy and amazing taste in music. In 2017, Julius produced his debut album "Perspective". "An album of epic tunes for the dance floor, ranging from soulful vocals, deep to the classic Chicago sound. A wide array of variety and substance” - Osunlade.  


Julius' reputation for uniting music communities and launching premiere DJ music events has attracted worldwide acceptance and respect as well. His most recent event production to gain international awareness is Mi Casa Holiday (MCH). In 2009, Julius and business partner Jenn Hurst bridged DJ entertainment with unique travel concepts to co-found MCH (Mi Casa Holiday - In 2012, MCH achieved sold-out status, and since has evolved into the most exciting travel and music community in the US. Stay tuned for the next wave of JtMT!

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