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Jesus Garza

Was born and educated in Mexico, in a household where architecture and construction were part of the everyday. His father a successful engineer that was involve in the urban development of his hometown until the last days of this life. Jesus made the choice to be an architect when he was very young; he always had curiosity that lead to the development of his creativity. 


During the time that he was in collage he worked for a lighting design firm as a salesman, his character and dedication propelled him to quickly become the leading designer for the firm. A year later he opened his own lighting consultant firm while still going to school. In the mornings he will meet with clients in the afternoons and evenings. After a few years of running this business successfully, a big new design company took notice of his work and invited him to join. He became the design director for Steelcase on the northwest of Mexico, taking four states under his care. He worked for Steelcase for six years until the economy in Mexico came down crashing and the company requested him to move to Mexico City to regroup and consolidate. It was at this point when he decided to move out of the country to keep learning and moving forward. A year later he was living in NYC working for a small office furniture dealer where he learned the business methods in this town. Four years later he founded MODO, a multidisciplinary design firm that, with his guidance and the hard work has grown into a strong midsize firm. After 10 years with the firm his experience with High-end Residential, Commercial and Corporate Design and Interior Architecture has multiplied exponentially. With the firm’s headquarters located next door to the iconic Empire State Building in the heart of Manhattan, MODO keeps looking to the future now with a second office in Monterrey, Mexico. There they have been awarded their first large scale commercial project, a 500K sf mall that will be situated on a prime location in Monterrey. 


Jesus is making his dream come true of designing and building in New York and Mexico. This is just the 

beginning of something larger, a realization of his goal to have two strong offices, one in USA and one in Mexico that will collaborate with each other. Acting as a bridge for those clients that are looking to cross the border and look for new opportunities for their families and businesses.

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