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David Loehr grew up on a farm in Western Massachusetts, studied graphic design at Parson’s School of Design in New York, and attended the Lester Polokov School for Stage Design. In 1974 a friend gave him the book, James Dean: The Mutant King by David Dalton. David read the book while traveling from New York to California, where he lived for five years in Pasadena. While in California, he saw all three of Dean’s major films on the big screen for the first time, and was knocked out by Dean’s performances.

He picked up another book, a poster, a magazine, and before he knew it, he was collecting James Dean memorabilia. This has now become the world’s largest collection of Dean memorabilia and what was a small hobby has turned into a full time job and career. In 1982, David conducted the First Annual Walking Tour of James Dean’s New York Hangouts, which lasted 6 hours and visited over 30 points of interest from Dean’s early days in the city. He continued the annual tours for the next ten years.

In 1988, after dozens of trips to Fairmount spanning 14 years, David opened the James Dean Gallery to the public for the first time. Since then, it has continued to grow in popularity, and now attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year and is one of Grant County’s most popular tourist attractions. Over the years, David has worked on dozens of James Dean projects including books such as: James Dean: American Icon, James Dean: Shooting Star, James Dean: Tribute to a Rebel, and The Official James Dean Book. He has also contributed to several documentaries, including James Dean: Forever Young, Forever James Dean, James Dean: a Portrait, James Dean and Me, Born Cool, and several foreign documentaries.

David and the James Dean Gallery have been featured on numerous television shows, including: A Current Affair, 20/20, To Tell the Truth, Entertainment Tonight, The Joe Franklin Show, New York Profiles, Across Indiana, Strange Universe, The Good Night Show, many local television news shows, and a live, in studio appearance on a popular Japanese television show.


mailing address:JADE Productions, PO Box 55, Fairmount, IN  46928

telephone: 765 948-3326


What They’re Saying

The story of David's life is packed with many ups and downs, and this book is a breezy read. It kind of boggles the mind how many famous people David has interacted with and befriended on his adventurous life journey. In the late 60s he meets Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanis at Max's Kansas City in New York (she later shot Warhol). He meets David Bowie. He meets so many amazing people, you lose count.

This is a very well-written book, never a dull moment, with terrific photos. David Loehr has done an outstanding job and I highly recommend this book. 

                                                                                     Lee Sobel ~ Greasy Kidstuff Magazine

We received your book a couple of days ago. I figured I’d do a bit of reading each day, but once I started, I couldn’t put it down, so I finished it in two days. What a trip! My God man! What a life!

                                                                                                                  Morris Bennett ~ MA


I want to take the opportunity to tell you how VERY, VERY MUCH I enjoyed reading your absolutely magnificent book, That’s How Strong My Love Is which I read, literally, cover to cover the day after I received it. It is truly a Masterpiece!

                                                                                                                         J. David Nall ~ IN

If you are a James Dean fan--and who isn’t? --you must read David Loehr's That's How Strong My Love Is. If you have been to Dean's hometown of Fairmount, Indiana, you know that David is single-handedly responsible for much of what makes your visit fun and memorable, and he has tirelessly battled to keep James Dean relevant for a 21st-century audience. That's How Strong My Love Is gives the inside scoop on how David made this all happen.  

                                                                      Val Holley ~ author of James Dean: The Biography

I just finished reading That’s How Strong My Love Is by David Loehr. A Real True Original Rock and Roll Love Story about David and his talented partner Lenny and their Love Affair with Music, Fashion, the Arts, and Preserving the Legacy of James Dean. So many Cool Scenes & Characters and an overwhelming list of some of The Biggest and Hippest Icon’s in the World. Always following his passions and dreams, there’s everything you need to be intrigued. From happy times and major accomplishments to real danger and serious hard times with a strong dedication to survival, and never giving up, which is truly Inspiring, Hey All you Rock & Rollers this book is for You!

                                                                                            Pete Jamestone ~ The Mandatones

What an incredible life and a great achievement!  I had to read it in one sitting, it was that
engaging. Bravo to you!

                                                                                                         Susan Bluttman ~ Journalist


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