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Jackie Li is a New York based singer, musician, songwriter, and recording artist. She has been described as “a radiant storyteller with a penchant for stark social commentary frayed with heartbreak and lathered in hope.”  

Jackie is known for being a true renaissance woman, sporting a variety of professional and artistic hats at any given moment. Her life’s work has been in environmental advocacy and she has a Master’s degree in Urban Planning. Jackie is an esteemed businesswoman, a dedicated yogi, an avid painter (watercolors), and a gastronome. Jackie is also the creator and producer of ‘A recipe & A song,’ a visionary new short video series that celebrates the joyful relationship between songwriting and cooking.

At first, Jackie’s debut single, “You Can Go” sounds like a kiss-off: “You won’t forget me and my body parts,” she sings. Soon though, the familiar imagery of an obsessive gaze on a woman’s body is artfully flipped with charged lyrics like “We need no counsel on our body parts,” unveiling a powerful statement about female rights and independence. It’s a standout performance from a talented writer who knows exactly what she wants to say and how to deliver it. The Brooklyn-dwelling New York native is a product of the diversity that her city represents, and her music is filled with ruthless observations of life that glisten with refreshing optimism.

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Jackie Li

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