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Blending catchy hooks and clever, insightful lyrics inspired by a futuristic aesthetic with bangin' dance grooves fused with primal drum patterns and sounds from cultures around the world, Hi Fi Gemini blends EDM / Progressive House with elements of Alt Rock, Hip Hop and other eclectic musical forms to create a clever and unique new musical hybrid.

Aesthetically and philosophically, the 'Geminoids' are fascinated with the the melding of human culture and emerging 'digital culture' from andropromorphic robots to AI and how these elements affect our humanity and 'touch our soul' ( or not ).

The band consists of 'Qil' ( Bass / Vocals ), 'Melania' ( Vocals ) and 'ANT' ( Turntables / Keys ) Formed in 2013, Hi Fi Gemini emits their unique sonic vibrations from Delray Beach, Florida, home to a emerging and vibrant new music scene just north of Miami.

If you like to think while you move, and elevate while you groove, then take a ride to the 4th dimension and experience....Hi Fi Gemini!


Almost there

I Can B Myself






I can B myself video

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