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Dj Hannah

Hannah Gonzalez …. SUPERSTAR  DJ / PRODUCER 




Birthday :  November 21, 1990 ,  Cali Colombia . South America … 

A child of GOD … from the start and all the way through …


Hannah  began her career as a DJ at the age of 15 years old in COL0MBIA …..  that’s right man … She started in 2005 ,…!!!


PS. Before we start :: SHE IS A KILLER …. And we LOVE HER ...


WOW .. 2005 …. This is when and where she started …. and began her interest into  the electronic , house and world beat music that she was influenced by while still …. Oh Yeah … while still  in high school  in Colombia .,.. ( the COUNTRY ))))))) love it


Hannah ( while in high school ) would go to a friend's house

 ( no names mentioned ))) who had great a collection of vinyl records  ( WHERE DID HE or SHE get them  from ??????? we all want to know , PART 2 of this  review , I hope ) as well He or She had turntables and a mixer …. This is where Hannah  began to learn how to mix the songs of her choice and heart felt desire and as we now know it ……. As Hannah says :::: I practiced every day. EVERY DAY MAN …. Yes Sir !!!!  Everyday … ABSOLUTELY !!! “  well Darling WE AGREE … you are a killer with the tracks ……. “


During the  first 4 years of Hannah’s  career she played ( dropped tracks ) or should we say introduced ( of her own choice ) varied styles to  the dance crowds and nations of the greatest nightclubs in the world …


Yes Yes Yes , Hannah introduced the following  areas of dance music :::: House ,  Tribal , Classic ( always with a Latin influence ) but also along with anthem tracks that the world was dancing to across the globe )     which is why she was invited to mix and DJ at  the greatest clubs all across Columbia and ultimately across South America ( HUGE – HUGE – HUGE ) AND THEN : ….. entering into the electronic music festivals across the country and into the cities of Colombia and  into the Countries and Cities of the continent ….. SOUTH AMERICA ……..


Once Hannah began to rotate in the varied electronic scenes of her country she adopted  the pseudonym of DJ Hannah HANNAH


Thank GOD ( comment from CODE MEDIA GROUP INC , GOD has BLESSED the world with …DJ –HANNAH )…. Our opinion   …….  ( FU we are correct …and proud of it )


The year 2009 Hannah started off to visit other counties ofSouth America: Brazil,  Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela.


In the year of 2010 she opened to the British band Franz Ferdinand in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, to a concert of 20.000 plus .as well as all other Celebrity . multi media / world wide events ..


 Since 2011 Hannah has traveled  all the countries in  all of  Latin America, As a DJ CELEBRITY  …….

DJ HANNAH ….PRODUCER DJ HANNAH of COLUMBIA …… DJ HANNAH the superstar DJ has been born and is now ready to go : Hannah has now shown her interest to produce her own music and therefore extend her sound into this WILD WORLD of the MUSIC INDUSTRY in this  FFFFF world of MUSIC BUSINESS world  as we now know it ……


 In 2013  her  agent introduced HANNAH ‘s debut at the WMC in Miami with the label "Bedroom Muzik" . As well HANNAH was ROYALLLY sent with her agent to Europe in a dj tour for Spain to perform and host huge events and media , press events and  shows : in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and the emblematic island of Ibiza. OH YEAH ::::IBIZA  


When she came back to Colombia she decided to move to New York …. DONE ………… NYC wants you back baby >>>>> you are a rockstar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forever……  Now NYC says HELLO  Hannah .. come home darling …

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