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Dougie Fresh

Dougie as he is commonly called around the world is Dancer first and a Disc Jockey second, you can tell by the way he plays music. No matter what music he happens to be playing at the time, he always keeps his crowd Rocking from Disco, to House, to Jewish favorites to Bhangra/Bollywood hits, from Hip hop to R&B, whether classic or not he gets the crowd going. He plays his Latin, and Asian from his Roots, his family is mixed especially now since his generation married the United Nations, so what to call him? Latin Black man who has some deep seated Asian in between there, he has toured all over the world, coming from a Miltary family, whose occupations range from Drs to Corp Execs, Nurses, Teachers, Federal and CIty employees, Lawyers, Computer Sciences, and of Course Military. Is it any wonder how he is able to do so many things and has an exceptional aptitude for learning than many in his field. Doug himself has been in Graphic and Web Design, been a Counselor and Teacher, Computer Tech, Federal and City Employee, Navy Journalist, Journalist, Engineer (Sound, Video, and Computer), Remixer, Master Engineer, Light and Sound Engineer, Guitarist (although he has not touched one in years), Psy (but he denies it and says counselor), the one thing that most that know him as is a Friend and a DJ without many peers. One of the most amazing things is seeing him when he is challenged and doing his thing, although he is one of the kindest djs you ever met and can play any type of music, having worked with WBLS, KTU, Hot 97, Kiss and Mega/Amor & TV at FEN & MTV stations admits to only 20+ years but we know of much more. He has been in countless commercials and videos in backgrounds and such. He is a regular in the PR Parade, West Indian Parade and the Indian Parade. He has done so many Fashion shows and fashion week, he became synonmus with Fashion shows and Djing Dance Class latin and Bhangra events in the city. He started Red Zone sound with a few amazing friends and they still do events all over the world. Dougie has always been the one to get up and go anywhere for an event, if price is right, flight and hotel paid, I am there... he says. He worked with Promoter Ruben Rubin and has worked on his bigger events. He also has a great working relationship He, Kirk and even Tony T. goes back to K Lounge when they were there. He does do a lot of volunteer work and does amazing events with youth and gives back as much as he can. I myself went with the amazing Dj as he actually woke up on Thursday morning and we tried to hang with him but even in shifts sleeping could barely keep up with this man of many talents. He is a “The Show Must Go on” type of guy and makes it happen from the bottom to the top. He is an animal when it comes to putting things together, he makes it happen and it does, even if it was falling entirely apart before he walked in, it is on and popping by the showtime. Never seen someone so driven that was so seemingly a quiet, funny, immensely sweet individual, no matter what you had going wrong or how you might have came up to him, his disarming ways and charm puts you at ease and makes everything alright. Not to say he is a pushover, he just doesn’t care about the other things, just the event, finishing it and once you understand that he is not there to debate, he is there to fix and get it going, the faster it will be done, so work with him and he will make it the best event that could have been done. He is the behind the scenes maverick that most don’t even know he did so much. So many of his friends depend on him to be the professional that he shows each time he is. He has worked with so many singers, artists, performers and hosts, working in so many fields, the stories are unending and true. He is known for House, Freestyle and Latin but he spins so many styles it is hard to label him even a mixed show dj for he works with so many promoters, he crosses styles and music types sometimes even 4 times in a single night, on a Saturday we witnessed 7. (Started 1st with kids music, 2nd Hip hop/R&B, 3rd Bhangra, 4th Latin, 5th Reggae/Soca, 6th wasDisco, Brazilian, 7th was mixed of House Jazz start and then hip hop/reggae classics for the after hours.. and he still got up on Sunday to do a event Disco at pier and setup a fashion event, then back to pier and then onto one more club to open for another dj. | | (718) 810-4238

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