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Astro-Cat is an electronic music producer/dj/remixer from Massachusetts.


With over a decade of experience, Astro Brings energy, creativity, and awesome music to every event he preforms at. Using a wide range of different musical genres, and styles ranging from edm to rock. Astro puts together some really ear catching and inspiring mashups. From Deep house to Trap, and everywhere in between, you know that when he steps behind the decks that you are about to witness something special.


As a producer/ remixer Astro has 5 top 10 placements in remix contests, and a large collection of original tracks. This past year has seen Astro-Cat's demand skyrocket as clubs, conventions, parties have started to catch wind of his exciting and energetic performances. A few notable sections from his set are his mashup of Porter Robinson's song (Language) & Daft punk song (harder better faster stronger) and then to the opposite extreme we have him dropping a filthy mashup of Bassnectar remix of Metallica's song (seek & destroy) and Eminem  (rap god A Capella ) Just to name a few

Astro was heavily Influenced by the 90s rave scene, Chicago house music, hip hop, trance, and drum bass, and pop music as a teenager. Astro began producing music focusing mainly on his own unique brand of hip-hop (which included lots of inspiration from all the rock and electronic music he had grown up listening to.) Eventually moving on to electronic music production full time in 2010.


He has released over 20 remixes,and multiple albums worth of music. Astro takes influence from producers such as, Deadmau5, Porter Robinson, Claptone to name a few.

Traveling from Massachusetts to Connecticut and NYC. Astro is making a name for him himself in the northeast area as a must see DJ, and is sure to just keep gaining momentum as his name spreads. Make sure you come out, and see him preform live when he is in town. When you find yourself dancing to a DJ set from Astro you will know exactly what he is all about. Sharing his passion for music by showing you how good it can feel.

Astro-Cat’s Previous Shows

July 1, 2016
(Cosmania - Project X - AM)
@ The Space - Hamden,CT

March 11th 2017
Astro-Cat Live (Dj Set)
@ The Towne Line Tavern - Plymouth,MA

April 28, 2017
(Neon Foam Fest)
@ The-Space Hamden,CT

May 26, 2017
(Fur-Xoticon) Day 1
@ Springfield,MA

May 27, 2017
(Fur-Xoticon) Day 2

July 7th, 2017
(ConnectiCon) Day 1
@NIXS Hartford,CT

July 8th, 2017
(ConnectiCon) Day 2
@NIXS Hartford,CT

July 26, 2017
Astro-Cat & Dj ShortRound
@Main St Sports Bar

August 17, 2017
@ The Outer Space,

Hamden, CT

August 23, 2017
Astro-Cat & Dj ShortRound
@Main St Sports Bar

September 13th 2017
Astro-Cat & Dj ShortRound
@Main St Sports Bar

October 19th 2017
(Aurora 2)
@ The Outer Space,

Hamden, CT

October 31st 2017
Clap-Cat Halloween party
@Towne Line Tavern

December 31st 2017
"House of Love"  (NYE 2 hour live Dj Set)

Astro-Cat’s Noteable Accomplishments as a Producer:

(1) Second place Finish in a OnlineRemix contest for (Mandi Seeking's) Song (Good Morning) which was released as part of Mandi's Single for (Good Morning) on itunes under the alias
(Smoke Sarno) (Feels Like Electric Remix)

(1) Fourth Place Finish in a Online Remix Contest for (Brenan's) song (Sprung) Preformed Under the alias of Prime Evil.

(2) Top 10 Finishes both in Online Remix Competitions.
(James Stefano - She Rocks) Under The Alias (N)    
(Tara Louise Feat. Bildjan - I Dont Wanna Be Alone.) Preformed as (Astro-Cat)

Astro-Cat Contact and Social Media info:

Website: AstroCatMusic.Com

All social media
Twitter @AstroCatMusic
Intstagram @AstroCatMusic

Links to Astro-Cat’s DJ Sets And Productions

Full DJ Set’s



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