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DeShon Hardy, writer, producer and director, is coming off his first project "The Lake on Clinton Road", releasing July 28th on Redbox and Video on Demand in November. Hardy was able to negotiate a world-wide distribution deal shortly after a large following came over social media for the movie "The Lake on Clinton Road", was written directed, co-produced and partly casted by Hardy with his own personal budget and creative authority.


Hardy attended New York Film Academy, where he polished his skill set and developed a  deeper understanding of filmmaking.


Hardy published a screen play in a book called Game Point, a thought-provoking script about a college basketball star plagued with real-life situations. After being drafted the first pick overall in the NBA draft, he finds out he has tested HIV positive and his life dramatically changes. Hardy effectively take the reader through the emotional ups and downs of the moving story.

Prior to film school, Hardy worked on a short student film "If the Grass Was Greener", for the BET Rising Star competition. He also worked as a creative liason member for LMNO (Leave My Name Off) Productions fo the 5th season ofThe Bachelor, which aired on ABC. It was there that he recognized his passion to produce and direct.

Hardy graducated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Economics and Social Theory from the University of Massachusetts in 2002. He was an instrumental part of their football program, producing multiple all-time accolades, still holding the number one spot of most punt returns in school history. At U Mass, Hardy wrote and produced a stage play called – Crabs in a Barrel, having received nine credits towards his graduate program for his efforts.

Hardy moved to Los Angeles in January of 2006 to pursue his dreams and took acting roles in "Lonely Street" and "Ocean 13'". Hardy played a supporting role police officer in "Lonely Street", starring Jay Mohr, Kat Williams and Robert Patrick. Hardy played a 'pit boss' in the casino in the highly acclaimed "Ocean 13", featuring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Al Pacino.

Post-college, Hardy made a push to play professional football where he short stints with a couple teams in the NFL before suffering a career-ending knee injury. Hardy has had a deep passion for writing dating back to elementary and highschool that has greatly enhanced over the years. Hardy has two children, Aniya, 7, and Judiah, 4, and currently resides in Belmar, NJ. 


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