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Dean John is raised and born in NYC. Dean comes from a family of mechanical engineer’s. He is the third generation of mechanical engineer’s and it is instilled in his genes. He is a self taught fashion designer but wisely and uniquely uses his engineering skills to build garments. That coupled with his natural art and design skills enables Dean John to create some very interesting clothing with a one of a kind fit as his clients do say.


Dean John always pursued arts, music and anything creative. He can make art with almost anything and with unique results. As a teen Dean started fashioning his own clothes with bleach and a pair of scissors. He then began tie dyeing tee shirts etc which were his first designs sold. Dean always admired fine fabrics and dresses made of them. He often thought to him self “I can do that” ….. So after a 3 hour crash course in sewing machine operation from his Grandmother Dean began buying fabrics and sewing dresses with some sketchy results but kept on trying and learning from his mistakes. Dean John says drive, determination and humbleness are a few keys to pursuing any goal.


Dean John has done modeling for T.v, magazine and runway before pursuing fashion design. He has been on Fox Five morning News with a news caster wearing one of Dean John’s Dresses, and announcing him the designer. Aired major radio station ads for shows in NYC, and designed two dresses for a segment on inside edition. Dean also produces Dance music and plays the piano and clarinet.


Dean John Fashion has been said to be very original with flowing cuts and perfect fits to any woman’s body. This line is very sexy cool with major versatility and styling options. In fashion shows you will see a dress come out twice but with two different styling options. Very original and versatile. Dean John Fashion has many looks for all occasions and he also does custom tailored dresses and gowns.

T: 347-626-8824

Dean John Fashion

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