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David Kaltenbach

Kaltenbach Productions is a full service video and film production company that produces television commercials and programs, documentaries, short subject and independent films, and videos for music and special events. Spearheaded for over twenty-five years by NYU Certified Director of Film David Kaltenbach, Kaltenbach Productions promises authenticity through on-location filming
worldwide. Extensive experience as an artist, punctuated by extensive world travel and location filming, David brings an eclectic background to the film world. As a director with creative vision, Kaltenbach establishes diversity through his direction and filming of both secular and Christian projects. Accomplished watercolorist to filmmaker was a natural transition that led to the creation of travelogues of Barbados, Mexico, Costa Rica & England. As a director he has always invested into dynamic innovative ideas. He currently continues to film for the commercial fishing industry producing documentaries,

cooking shows and educational informative short movies.

• Whatever your vision, we have the talent and services to make it
a reality. All aspects of production are portrayed clearly and
your original idea is envisioned.
• From writing and directing to shooting and editing, we have
experience in all areas of the production process. We offer
services and production in a variety of formats and styles.
• Experience the Journey through Visual STORYTELLING

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