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Dave Rosario

American born Dave Rosario is a seasoned veteran of the New York house scene and a globally recognized electronic musician. From being a Sankeys and Space Ibiza worldwide resident dj, to accomplished music producer, and also director of the thriving underground record label Serkal … Dave Rosario has made a lasting impression as a jack of all trades in Dance music. He has paved the way for many artists from and before his own generation and is recognized as leader in his community. Rosario’s sound both live or produced in the studio has always been unique… Artistically he brings to the table intoxicating takes of techno and house that traverse light and dark ends of the spectrum with dazzling aplomb. 


The music created from scratch by Dave is always incorporated into his live dj sets. He also creates his own tools and loops using his and others remix parts,acapellas, and own special edits/versions of his personal favorite pieces of music from all genres and not just dance music. You will easily be able to tell his sound apart from others and never hear the same track played twice in the same way. The boundaries of djing are not pushed but broken by Dave Rosario. Clubs live and die on their residents. Sankey’s Ibiza, and all of its brother and sister venues from the Uk to Malta, Italy & New York have all been fortunate to call upon the talents of Dave Rosario on a regular basis. Now as one of Space Ibiza New York’s main resident djs, Rosario continues to help bring in the essence of global dance music with NYC’s new extension of the top Ibiza club franchise. With the respect of his elders in electronic and their DJ track-lists to prove it… Rosario’s productions have been played by the best DJs in the business and he has released music with some of the most respected dance music record labels from all around the world.

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