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D'Bra Powell

D'bra Powell
Manager - Carl Van Nevus III (Code Media Group Inc.)
Record Labels - Dejavoo Records, Atwork Soul, Sunshine Records, H2 Production

Vocalist... Musician...Songwriter...Producer...Actress are nouns which apply to the multi-talented D'bra Powell.She was born in Chicago, Illinois, of African, Ethiopian, and Native American ancestry, and now resides in the New York City Metropolitan area. D'bra Powell has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her dynamic voice, attractive looks, and exciting stage presence. Her vocal style has been defined as a unique "vocal experience" filled with a powerful execution, sultry styling, and an incredible range which gives her music it's own personal signature.

She loves using the talents God has given her whether it's Gospel, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Dance Music, or Spoken Word. Her Single, "Living All Alone/ I Can't Stand It", is a remake honoring the late Phyllis Hyman with her own creative ending. Showing D'bra is an innovative creator, Dejavoo Records and JoioDJ presents "Dreams Come True". This collaborative work introduces the protagonist American Singer, D'bra Powell. After working with the American music icons such as Natalie Cole, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, Jean Carne, Dexter Wansel, she dives into this new adventure in the stage of House Music. With the collaboration of the famous bassist Tony "TNT" Jones, they delights us with a new rebelling of the famous original mix.

In this first part, do not miss the collaboration of these 4 artiste Italian Producers who now make their mark in Traxsource Charts. Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco have scored another strike with their F&B Mix, a full mix of Disco House Sounds that will explode all of the floors of the clubs around the world. Then we move on to the UK Eric House Device & Walterino, offering us some very refined sounds that carry you into house sounds of the moment.

Dejavoo Records thank all international radio and various DJ's for their support. They are keeping "Alive", the "Dream" of becoming increasingly large. Dejavoo Records has also released, "Daddy's Gone Home", honoring the memory of her Dad. With her stepping into a new side of her scatting. Daddy's Gone Home has a Musician's Dub Mix Featuring Jamal Peoples. "Living All Alone/I Can't Stand" also Features Jamal Peoples and Tony (TNT) Jones on Acoustic Guitar. Both of these releases are teamed with LooweeR in Production. They have completed and released several tunes, including a spoken word, Walking On Faith. D'bra is strong and rooted in her faith.

D'bra currently Performs in New York, Atlantic City, NJ, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ca., Phoenix, Chicago, Illinois and Vermont. She opened for Norman Connors and has performed at other venues with Norman. D'bra works with the musical talents of Tony Jones, Jamal  Peoples, Reggie Steele, George (known as Spike), Dennis Davis, Chip Crawford, Chappy Washington, Tony Giles, Valentino (John) Gary, Robert Shipley, Cliff Branch, Terry Burrus, Earl Davis. D'bra has performed with Marva King, Felicia Moss and Darryl D'bonneau. Recently released a Revised Mix of "Heaven" by Walter Christopher. D'bra is playing the Piano and Bass. Another Collaboration between D'bra and LooweeR.


D'bra also has 4 of her songs in a Movie "Down On Your Luck" by Robin Jordan. A Gospel song, "Be Greatful" and an instrumental, "You Inspired Me" she wrote for the movie. 
D'bra has recently signed to collaborate with Hakuei and K-testuya Pancho on the Label H2 in Japan. Just released "Sitting On Top Of The World".

D'bra is currently working on projects with Labels and producers in 8 different countries.

D'bra has excitedly joined forces with Carl Van Nevus III of Code Media Group, Inc. and Sunshine Studio LLC. Look out for our upcoming tours and releases.

I thanks these 4 Labels for believing in me and giving me world exposure. My songs have worldwide distribution. God answers prayers. 3 Songs Released This Summer!

Keep your eyes & ears open for the voluptuous and effervescent D'bra, the gal with the "harpsichord voice".

Carl Van Nevus III

Code Media Group Inc.



917-608-6927 - EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Caught Off Guard - Antonello & Aldo feat. D'Bra Powell - Dejavoo Records
 Interview With Ed Umoja, promo
JoioDJ Tribe EP
Official video Sampler JoioDJ feat D'bra Powell Dreams Come True
JoioDJ feat D'bra powell, dreams come true (Radio edit)
JoioDJ ft D'Bra Powell Caught Off Guard Original Mix
JoioDJ feat D'Bra Powell - Say Yes Take My Hands (Promotional Video Sampler)
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