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Queen Regine



“QUEEN REGINE” has been on the New York City underground entertainment and music scene for over a decade.  She is a professionally trained actor, singer/songwriter and playwright. She attended the Lee Strasberg Acting Institute and has performed on Off-Broadway, independent films and written and produced her own plays. As one of the very few female promoters, she “cut her teeth” from the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s on the gritty underground house music scene, booking deejays in notable clubs—Alibi, Marquee, Remote, Copacabana and Sound Factory to name a few while morphing as a producer of her own show “La  Reine’s Pousse  Cafe”, --a roving, caravan show featuring independent  singers, bands, poets and performance artists. Now, she is opening another portal in her career producing her upcoming CD in 2018, traveling the globe writing about the dance music industry and as a co-host on  “HOUSE OF LOVE”  for Triple Vibes Radio.

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