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chili   palmer

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Chili Palmer was born and raised in Brooklyn NYC one of two sons of Polish and Italian immigrants. He is currently a member of the Professional Photographers of America Association. Mr. Palmer has traveled extensively and lived in Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and even the Johnstone Atoll in the South Pacific. An avid photography enthusiast his whole life, he is a self-taught photographer, working

primarily in digital formats. He originally majored in Art in college but eventually obtained his degrees in nuclear engineering and nuclear physics and went on to work as a consultant for the Department of Energy.


Mr. Palmer brings a diversified background to the photography field as well as perhaps a new direction that warmly embraces new ideas, new points of view, and new faces.


He artistically blends New York City Urban motifs with Glamour and Fashion, as well as reaching back to Hollywood's Film Noir era for inspiration for his shoots and interpreting the client’s visions.


Also, look for hints of his favorite directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa, Sergio Leone, Ridley Scott, Barry Sonnefeld, M. Night Shyamalan, and of course Quentin Tarentino just to name a few in his work.


His work is dedicated to the following sentient beings:In memory of his father, who taught him in dying the final lesson: “that there is no place like home”.


In memory of Chewbacca II, his faithful dog, an Akita better known as Chewie, who now waits for him patiently at the Rainbow Bridge. “Of all the souls I have come across,his was the most human.”

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