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Celestino ortiz, jr.

Born in San Juan Puerto Rico, Celestino is a young artist with an inclination towards the “art brut” movement, a term coined by the French artist Jean Dubuffet.


Under the guidance and mentorship of contemporary master artists Carmelo Sobrino, Betsy Padín, Bladimir Diaz, Dr. Barnaby Ruhe and Noemi Ruiz, Celestino reaffirms his passion for the arts after his professional success in communications. His pure and authentically creative impulses lead his through various mediums seeking his identity.


Showing great interest in Abstract expressionism we can distinguish traits and strokes resembling Olga Albizu and Guztav Klimt. Celestino carries a genuine desire to communicate, his chromatic palette is not far from the Caribbean culture we can appreciate in his latest series “Energy Fields”.


The complexity and gesture that resonates his work with passion and serenity using orange and green yellow, the artist creates a triangular discourse that the viewer and the artist share in a lyrical harmony. Celestino achieves a communion of sentiment and ideas where rhetoric becomes the vehicle that leads us to harmony in an existential manner.

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