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Brian M.


“New Jersey native Brian M. Wixson began acting at a young age in school plays. He stopped acting to focus on his trumpet playing in high school and college. In 2003, he returned to acting again, this time in front of a camera instead of on stage.

Directors, producers and his fellow actors describe him as a strong, talented and ambitious man who’s going to succeed and they all like working together with him. He’s not only good at what he does, he knows his business and is highly professional. Known both for finding the nuances in the character on the pages, he is also adept at thinking on the fly with great improv skills.

Script editing started as doing favors for friends and when given permission by writers or directors on productions he was cast in. It eventually became a sought after talent. He has the knack of not only finding the typos and such that can make a script less professional, but also finding plot flaws that can doom a project and quickly come up with alternates.
Script writing evolved from Brian's editing skills. Whether working solo or collaborating, he has written dramas, comedy and horror.

In his free time Brian M. Wixson still plays the trumpet, goes horseback riding and enjoys the company friends, family and pets.“

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