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Eatery Brazzi vate area seating under Bobby Brazzi’s personal attention. Those searching for exceptional, authentic Italian cuisine on the Jersey Shore should contact Brazzi Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant directly at 609.597.8161. Sicilian family members in the fishing industry and bakery business for his hands-on training. Actually, the majority of his training involved everyday cooks, such as his aunts and great-aunts who shared their recipes and cooking traditions. It was his mother, though, who taught him the art of cooking. The acclaim of Brazzi Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant has led Bobby Brazzi to consider franchising. He hopes to expand to central and northern New Jersey in the future, redefining the concept of traditional Italian cuisine. “When you go to many places, the food looks great, but...there’s no taste,” he says. He believes people should not have to embellish the flavor of food, and he cooks with that objective in mind. To that end, he is making and bottling his own sauces, which are available online and in his eatery. Brazzi’s forthcoming VIP Private Menu is designed to impress. With celebrities consistently visiting the restaurant and the star factor of LBI across the water, the introduction of a VIP specialty menu will be the first of its kind in the area. This high-dollar option offers the very best in cuisine and service for special events and gatherings, celebrities and those most discriminating palettes. The menu will feature Brazzi’s Italian Specialties (land and sea), ranging from $200 to $500 per person with priBobby Brazzi graces the LBI area of the Jersey Shore with his contemporary Italian cuisine. He has loved to cook since the age of sixteen, and after working at his parents’ pizzerias in Brooklyn and on Long Island, he is a natural restaurateur. In 2010, he opened Brazzi Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant just off Exit 63 heading east toward Long Beach Island. He wanted to bring a “real Manhattan feel” to the LBI area. His eatery serves traditional Italian gourmet food in a family-style casual setting. And as Chef, he is concerned only with top-quality flavor and refuses to skimp on its attributes. Brazzi boasts a wood-fired brick oven that cooks pizza, a variety of fresh fish, lamb and veal. In addition to the classic Italian dishes, whose recipes are inherited from previous generations, the Brazzi menu includes unique creations, such as lobster ravioli in a pink sherry cream sauce, pinenut-encrusted Chilean sea bass and their famed specialty, Shrimp Roberto: butterfly jumbo shrimp stuffed with lump crab meat, set in a roasted garlic sauce. “By training, executing and experimenting, I create my own pastas,” he reveals. “It works, and people love them.” He also serves fresh pastas, herbal breads and specialty desserts, including gelato imported from Italy. 

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