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BLKCARNYC Is private chauffeur service based out N.YC. Oretes Arnao is the executive director and takes the helm when V.I.Ps are concerned. His practical business approach is based on the pioneers of business. The little things in business like communication, reliability, empathy, integrity, and safety are the primary attributes of this unique car service.


With 35 years in the service industry and interacting with many V.I.Ps, I have learned many things about catering to the needs of the general


Each individual is unique and BLKCARNYC tries to accommodate accordingly. Understang this practical business approach is what makes stand out from everyone else . BLKCARNYC has repetitive business from actors/actresses, djs, doctors,attorneys,entrepreneurs, singers,corporate people ( from all walks and industries in N Y C ) Everyone what enters a BLKCARNYC car is treated like a V.I.P 

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