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Dj / Actress - Ayesha Adamo

    Ayesha Adamo is a highly-trained, versatile actor living in NYC. She has studied with legendary acting coach, Wynn Handman—who founded The American Place Theatre in 1963 and has trained many excellent actors including Michael Douglas, Christopher Walken, Allison Janney, Denzel Washington and Richard Gere. Ayesha is also a graduate of the two-year Meisner training program at William Esper Studios, where she studied with Nancy Mayans, Deb Jackel, and Karen Chamberlain.

She continues to assist Nancy Mayans in teaching her revolutionary Energy Training for Actors classes, which have heavily influenced Ayesha’s unique acting technique.


2015 saw Ayesha in the title role of Rose Donohue—a cinematic 1950’s who-done-it with equal parts comedy and drama. In the Fall of 2015, she returned to the stage to take on the role of Kari in Craig Wright’s humorous and heartbreaking play The Pavilion, directed by Michael Kostroff (of The Wire, The Blacklist, and more).


Now, in 2016, Ayesha has found herself starring in several new films, including psy-fi thriller The Vessel and futuristic android drama, Ms. Kiss—which she also wrote and co-produced. The future looks bright for this alternative leading lady. To find out more about her and the stories she’s bringing to life, go to

     Ayesha Adamo has played in clubs across the globe and is one half of the DJ/production duo, Alchemical Disco. Her 2015 solo release, “Midnight Elite,” reached #16 on the Beatport Electronica charts (#29 in Deep House, #77 in Techno), and has been played on radio shows across the globe. This was a strong follow up to “Atomic,” her first single with Alchemical Disco, which reached #20 in the Music Week UK Commercial Pop Club charts and #27 in Indie Dance releases on Beatport (#22 in Electro House, #90 in Tech House).


    Ayesha first taught herself the art of beatmixing on a pair of 1200’s and a two-channel Numark. Her first training in music production came when she lied about being able to read sheet music and snuck into a graduate level music class on MAX/MSP at Columbia University’s Computer Music Center.

While on break from school, Ayesha went to Taiwan to study Chinese and unexpectedly found herself joining Beauty4—a Mandarin pop group. Beauty4 signed with EMI Records and released their first album to much success—especially considering that they were a mixed-race group singing entirely in Chinese. The group toured Asia, and found themselves all over TV, radio and the side of public busses.


    Following the success of Beauty4, Ayesha landed the opportunity to record her first double mix CD

set for the Muzik Boutique series on Highnote Records (映象唱片). She continued to play clubs all over Taiwan, including the ever-popular nightlife mecca, Luxy. Upon returning to the US, Ayesha DJed gigs in North and Central America. She worked to finish her degree in Music at Columbia University, where she honed her skills in both electronic music production and classical music theory and composition.


    Coming full circle, Ayesha’s recent work, whether solo or with Alchemical Disco, shows the many facets of her musical journey. Whether she’s crafting complex four part harmonies, writing hooks worthy of Asian pop music, or building deep beats like the ones that first inspired her to take up the 1200’s, Ayesha’s music is a reflection of her many travels: melodically rich, flirting with dissonance, and always taking risks. Most recently, she has made the bold move to transition from her signature style of heavily layered DJ sets into a fully Live PA format, which makes her sound all the more adventurous. To keep up with Ayesha’s music, visit

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